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Bosch News

I have really enjoyed working for Bosch, with Paul Long being the director. I have shot three projects with Bosch highlighting some of their most innovative employees. I have shot at both of their Michigan locations, Farmington and Plymouth. Each employee was highly passionate about their job and loved coming to work every day. It was great documenting what they do and how their passion has helped change the lives of so many people. I was so happy to work with a fantastic director Paul Long. I was able to focus on lighting and composition. 

Here is a link Bosch News for the article on Rich Nesbitt.

Here is a link Bosch News for the article on Rameez Ahmad.

Here is a link Bosch News for the article on Greg Vandersluis.

Here is a link Bosch News for the article on Raven Rotsaert.

Here is the link to  Paul Long Productions.


Greg Vandersluis

Image Maker, Story teller

I have eleven years of experience as a professional photographer. I love meeting new people and going into different situations. It is important to me to put clients first. Not only to have them love their photographs but also to have people feel confident and feel good during their photoshoot. I am a fine art photographer specializing in event, fashion, product, portraiture, and corporate headshots.

Clients just to name a few-

  • Ann Arbor Ypsilanti Chamber of Commerce

  • Best Western

  • Bloomfield Hills Country Club                                          

  • Birmingham Design Studio

  • Birmingham Life Magazine  

  • Bosch                 

  • Cineflix                                                     

  • Cynthia Hahn Designs

  • Dan Davis Design                                  

  • Concorde Investments

  • Detroit Club                                             

  • EW Kitchens

  • Grosse Point LifeStyle Magazine          

  • Jane Spencer Designs

  • Lawrence Technological University        

  • Plum Market

  • Qomo

  • Studio Z Architecture                                                      

  • U of D Jesuit High School And Academy

  • Yellow Flag Productions

  • YPO Young Presidents' Organization Detroit Chapter                          

  • West Bloomfield Lifestyle Magazine

  • Zencare


RCGAA Directory 2023 Cover Pages copy.jpg

My photograph on the cover of the Remodelers Council of Greater Ann Arbor Directory 2023

I am so excited to announce that I have the cover! I worked with Studio Z Architecture in collaboration with Momentum Construction. This was my hardest photoshoot. There were no windows. When creating this photo, I really needed to think about how to get this photo right.

As a photographer, I rely on ambient light; not having it meant I had to create my fill light. I could not bounce the light because all the walls and ceilings were covered in dark green wallpaper or Essex Green. I had to use my lights to make this look as natural as possible. The other challenge I faced was ensuring I had enough data in black for printing. For those who print, my numbers had to be a minimum of 15 points. This can be a challenge when you are in such a dark room. . My exposure was 1/4 at f11.

I had to consider the wine bottle reflections here, but you do not see any. In my original photo, you could see the wine bottle reflections in the cabinet glass. It did not look good in the photograph. How did I get rid of them? I shot one photo using a black foam core to block the wine bottles. When you are hiring a professional photographer, make sure you look at their portfolio and look at the reflections. Some reflections are good and you want them. Others can take away from the image. Due to whom I was hired to shoot for, it was essential to see inside the cabinets to see the details of their work. 

Here is a link to BRAG Ann Arbor 

Here is a link to Studio Z Architecture

Here is a link to Momentum Construction


My photograph is on the cover Highlights magazine 2023

I have been the University of Detroit Alumni photographer for over eight years. Part of the reason why I love UDJ so much is because of my connection to the school. My Dad graduated from there; my two uncles went there; my best friend went there (who also stood up at my wedding); my sister participated in their acting group, Harlequins, and so did I.

I also went to many dances with my friends there while in high school. Attending Mercy High School, UDJ was our brother-sister school. Besides all of the connections over the years, they were extremely supportive when my Dad passed away. It was a great honor to have the cover of this issue. It meant so much to me how they honored his passing in this issue, along with other Cubs that have passed.

Make sure to check this issue out. I have many photographs from events I took this year and last year featured in it. One new event I shot was the auction last year. I enjoyed being around so many people supporting the Cubs. 

Here is a link to Highlights for the full magazine.


Cover for BRAG.png

My photograph is on the cover of BRAG Ann Arbor magazine 2022

This is my latest project. Here is a link to the full magazine that my photographs are in. I have the cover, on page 17 Studio Z Architecture in collaboration with Momentum Construction, and a full-page ad for Momentum Construction! 


I enjoyed working with the Studio Z Architecture staff, and Momentum Construction staff. Dawn puts so much thought into everything she designs. If you have the chance to talk to her you will learn so much. I have never seen any architect so passionate about her work.

This was a challenging photograph to edit. When you work with skylights you are dealing with extremes. One we have four different colors of light to work with that need to be neutralized and blended seamlessly. Two you are dealing with extreme bright areas from the skylights and dark areas for natural exposure. I am taking my strobes and bringing to life the extreme darkness of the black island. I blended eleven different photographs to get the perfect look.

Here is a link to BRAG Ann Arbor Magazine for the full magazine.

Here is a link to Studio Z Architecture

Here is a link to Momentum Construction


Detroit Design Magazine Fall 2022

Exciting News! I have been recently published in Detroit Design Magazine Winter 20222. Dan Davis and his partner Paul Johnson are incredible interior designers, and it is a rare opportunity that the designer can do a whole house. It was such a joy to photograph everything- the entire house!  

For more information on Dan Davis Design. Dan Davis Design, I highly recommend working with him. His talent and kindness will make you feel like a celebrity.

Here is a link to view a digital copy of  Detroit Design Magazine Fall 2022



Pandemic Project


This is my project for Plum Market. The concept was to renew their catering business. They wanted to show their staff and clients would be safe for catering events. It was important to show the plexiglass in the image. Reflective material can be challenging. Once you get the right angle of light, it is perfect. I shot this with two white umbrellas, and both angled so there would be no hot spots from the flash in my strobes. Mixed with natural lighting.


I enjoyed working with the Plum Market staff and look forward to future photoshoots with them.


Here is a link to Plum Market


I offer photography in Brighton and on-location sessions in all of Metro Detroit:  Royal Oak, Birmingham, Bloomfield Township, Howell, Grosse Pointe, Hartland, Ann Arbor, South Lyon, Fenton, Milford, Novi, Northville, Plymouth, Canton, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Troy, Saline, Highland, Walled Lake, Wixom and more. I love to travel. Please inquire!

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