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My love of Video

Here are some examples of my work in the video. While working for Zencare, I photographed their clients and did video work for them. Video is a great way to get to know psychologists. This is extremely important when people are seeking help. I enjoyed setting up the camera and making each person feel comfortable in front of the camera. I have noticed that everyone gets nervous, no matter their age or how much experience they have in front of the camera. I know because I have been in front of the camera too. You can see some of my first videos below when I was shooting for Qomo. Due to my experience, I enjoy helping people relax in front of the camera and making them laugh. I help people through the process, giving them directions on how to come across as friendlier and more inviting.

One of my favorite projects that I directed was Magic is Still Alive. I enjoyed working on this because I not only directed but set up the lights, helped position camera angles, stylized shots, and interviewed people. This project was sparked by my senior thesis from College for Creative Studies; you can see it in my portfolio called Vaudeille. I collected much information from Colon, Michigan, visiting different shops. I actually got the directions on how to build a real-life sawing-in-half trick. There are other examples of my work with Qomo and Carlson Productions. I did some stop-motion work with multiple photographs and composite videos with photography.

I enjoy working on videos. Please reach out if you need video content to promote yourself or your product.  

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